MirCompare, select miRNAs involved in cross-kingdom interaction

Here we present MirCompare 2.0, a major upgrade of MirCompare software
MirCompare algorithm compares sets of microRNAs belonging to different kingdoms, for their capacity to bind host mRNAs. An efficient double-phase approach based on sequential comparing and filtering, let the user to select a strict number of microRNAs with a potential regolative role in cross-kingdom interaction.

What's new in MirCompare 2.0:

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The r-value is defined as the best comparison rate between each miRNA couple.
An higher r-value threshold correspond to a more stringent comparison. The recommended threshold value is 0.65

Important Note: The form accepts only float values in N.dd format (i.e 0.34)

The minimum number of matches, related only to the seed region. The choosen window is of 7 nucleotides. The recommended value is 0.70