Welcome to MAP, a feature for mining and analysing microRNAs-related -omics data.

The data sources accessed by MAP are datasets publicly-available in ArrayExpress and Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO). MAP provides you the right tools to conduct exploratory and in-depth analyses on molecular data obtained from both tissues and cell lines.

PubMed: MAP is powered by SMAC, an automated data selection and retrieval system. Publications of interest and related molecular data are identified from PubMed. Gene Expression Omnibus or ArrayExpress identifiers are used to establish computational links between the literature and any associated data. If data is available in the public domain, the system accesses the repository and downloads the relevant data files. These are fed into the relevant analytical pipelines and made available from the PubMed tab.

Once you have selected a source, you will be directed to a page from which you will be able to conduct multiple analyses: principal component analysis (PCA), estimates of tumour purity, gene expression plots, gene networks.

MAP version: 2021-02-03

  • Mapped information of 9 species
  • Mapped information of 11,346 diseases (extracted from Malacards), aggregated into 5 categories
  • Added 3 video guides in the User Guide section
  • MirCompare: added the chance of uploading sequences into a free-text area